Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silly Kitty?

Or should we say silly Bekah?

"Tutu" cute!


Frances said...

Oh my gracious! I can't believe you have a cat that will let you do that! How funny! And adorable! Reminds me of Eloise Wilkins' Little Golden Books, where the little girl dresses up her kitty and pushes it around in a baby carriage. The first time I ever saw any of those pictures, I told my sister that I had NEVER had a cat that would allow such a thing. But now I have seen evidence of a real live kitty "tolerating" it very sweetly. Love it, Kati ... and Bekah ... and Pinky.

Cheryl said...

Pinky definitely tolerates more from Bekah than from anyone else...although even Bekah is not exempt from the occasional outburst. I guess Pinky puts her best paw forward when she is being photographed. :-)

I do love this picture...and they're both silly!

Kristin said...

Fru-fru kitty! Fru-fru girl. What a pair. :-)