Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tutorial: How to Make a Yo-yo in 5 Easy Steps

Several years ago I learned how to make fabric yo-yos. They are easy to do (and learn) and I find that they are a nice project to do while watching a movie. I decided recently to make my own tutorial on how to make them.

1. Pick out some fabric. The nice thing about this project is that you can use fabric remnants. If you have just a little bit of a certain fabric left you can finish it up and it can be of some use. I have even used bits of old loved clothing. (see picture 1)

2. Take a round object and trace it only your chosen fabric. To make the traditional sized yo-yo (2 inches diameter when finished) use a CD for a pattern, but you can use a round juice glass and Bekah even tried using a spool one time to make a yo-yo you can see only using a magnifying glass. (Well, maybe not that small. :-) Turn your fabric to the wrong side and trace the circle with a pen or pencil. Then take your sewing scissors and cut the circle out. (see picture 1)

picture 1

3. Sewing the yo-yo. Keeping the wrong side of the circle facing upward, fold the edges of the circle down about ¼ inch (I judge with this) to touch the wrong side. Sew along the edge folding the fabric down as you go. (see picture 2)

picture 2

4. Gather the yo-yo in. When you have sewn the whole way around back to the starting point, gently pull the thread until there is only a tiny hole in the center of the fabric. (see picture 3)

picture 3

5. Knot the end. And VOILA! You’ve finished your first yo-yo! (see picture 4)

picture 4

Projects to do with your finished yo-yos.

  • Quilts. Yo-yo quilts are beautiful but you have to really want one to have one to do this because it takes a gazillion yo-yos!
  • Pillows. Pillows are much easier. Sew each yo-yo together and then onto a pillow cover or sew them right on it.
  • Table scarf or runner. Sew the yo-yos together either tightly together so that there are only small holes in between (see picture 5) or loosely so that there are diamonds shaped holes in between (see picture 6).
  • Sew them onto clothing. Make them flowers on shirts by adding stems and leaves. (Makes nice gifts for little girls.) Put them on shoes for a decorative touch. A bunch of three on your purse adds some spice.
  • Coasters. By sewing small yo-yos around a big yo-yo you have created a cute coaster. (Thanks for the idea, Kristin! And for a set of my very own.)
  • Christmas tree ornaments. By attaching some thread and tying a knot you have some perfect Christmas ornaments to go on the big tree or on a tabletop.
  • Doll Pillows. These make perfect doll house people sized pillows for beds and chairs. Or use a dinner plate for a pattern and make a larger pillow.
  • There are always new ideas. If you have an idea or project to do with yo-yos leave a comment telling what it is.

picture 5

picture 6

(If you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment telling me what your question is and I will do my best to answer it.)

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Cheryl said...

Aren't yo-yos delightful little reasons to use up loved bits of fabric? Bring on the yo-yos! :-)