Thursday, February 3, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Teas

I love tea! I drink about two to three cups of tea a day. There are so many teas that I like but there are three that I classify as my Top Three Favorite Teas.

Constant Comment:
Made by Bigelow, this black tea has a spicy flavor with a hint of orange intertwined.

This tea is made by The Republic of Tea. Subtitled "Tea of Conviviality", this tea, which is also black, has a hint of cinnamon in every sip. Once you get hooked on this tea you will never want to run out!

Cranberry Pomegranate:
This green tea, made by Lipton, has tons of flavor packed into each tea bag.


Cheryl said...

My current favorites are Constant Comment, English Breakfast, and Jodi's apricot tea. But, as you know "current" is the key word, because my favorite is subject to change at any minute! ;-)

Kristin said...

...and you know my favorite are anything fruity. I enjoyed my cinnamon plum today. It was even good cold!

Jodi-Marie said...

Isn't that Cranberry Pomegranate tea great! I just bought some a few weeks back. My favorites are too many to list! I thought of you today- I made a desert for Valentine's day that used Earl Grey tea- It reminded me of those yummy Earl Grey cookies you made one time for co-op. We need to have tea again soon.