Saturday, May 7, 2011

My "Baby"

Ben has always been my little buddy. When he was a baby I was one of the privileged people (along with his Mama and Daddy) who could hold him without him crying.

Now that he is older we have little "games" that we play together. He pretends that he is a "baby" and that I am his "Kati-Mama." He will come up to me with a baby face and make little baby noises. I will pick him up and talk to him in a baby voice. He will then ask for his "pacifier", a green Lego Duplo, which he calls his "pac". Even when we are not playing "baby,” if I talk to him in a baby voice he will put on the baby face.

I hope we always stay the best of friends.

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Cheryl said...

And you are a wonderful aunt!