Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Shoot {Part 2}

Some silly faces, some silliness, and a few helpers all made the second part of the photo shoot a great success. Maddie and Owen decided that they wanted to be next, so yesterday we got the camera out, the kids in their good clothes, and headed out to snap some pictures.

Owen decided that he wanted to be first. He started out with a few fake smiles but once he got into it he had a ball! He is quite the actor and very photogenic.

We would come up with a place to go and he would take off with it. Notice the one of him on the porch swing in the collage below. I asked him if he could recline a little bit and he ended up looking like that.

And of course, you can't have a photo shoot of a boy and not make a silly face or two.

Then we moved onto Maddie. She is like Owen. She was a bit slow to get into it but after she got comfortable she was very photogenic.

She was such a good subject.

And be sure to notice her toe nail polish matches her outfit.

I was very happy to get this shot. This is such a Maddie face that we see a lot.

And now, comes Ken (you know, as in Barbie and Ken). He has been in quite a number of jokes in our family. We joke with the girls that Ken gets into a lot of things...including Maddie's photo shoot!

Ken helped us a lot with making Maddie smile. And she got into it, too! She made sure Ken jumped on the trampoline with her and sat on the swing with her. She even helped for him to participate by holding some flowers. (She said that he was planning on giving them to Barbie.)

I think everyone (including Ken) had a fun time with the Photo Shoot {Part 2}. And I'm looking forward to doing the third and final part of the photo shoot. Now if only the boys were looking as forward to it...

Did you miss {Part 1}? Find it ~here~.


Kristin said...

So many, many good photos! And you captured the personalities so well. I really need to frame some of these, too!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed. These photos are great!!!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Alissa (hee hee)

Frances said...

Kati, this looks like such fun. I love the variety of poses. You can see how Owen and Maddie relaxed more and more as the photo shoot went on. The shots with Ken are adorable. In past years, my sister Bonnie and I used to have a Cabbage Patch doll that we sometimes took with us when we knew we would be taking pictures, and we would make a game out of placing the doll somewhere in the shot for people to find. I'm so happy to see you having such a wonderful time with your photography. And it's an extra bonus that your pictures get to give others a wonderful time, too. Hugs.