Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Faithful Friends

While looking through some old pictures on Facebook, I came across many of me with my best friends Kate and Britni. I started thinking about our friendship.

We've know each other for quite a long time. I don't even remember a time when they weren't my friends.

We have a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

We stick together through thick and thin.

In the good times and the bad we are there for each other.

I thank the Lord for allowing us to be friends.


Nela said...

Lovely post, Kati. :) It's a marvelous thing to have close friends.

P.S. Same here! ;) If you are ever in my area (or I'm in yours), we should totally meet up!

Ana Eugénio said...

very sweet :) xxo

Katherine said...

I love having close friends! :)