Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Birthday Boy, Baking Memories, and the "Helper"

Peter had a birthday! 

Two years ago, we were just sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner when the phone rings and Ryan announces that they are at the hospital getting ready to meet their first son. (To see a newborn picture of Peter click ~here~.) We were so excited when we found out that this year we could celebrate this special day with him. 

Before their trip down, we skyped with Ryan, Sarah, and the kids. Nora asked if we could have cupcakes while they were visiting. Of course I said yes! How could I refuse that precious girl a simple pleasure like that? I thought that since she was the one who asked then I would let her help me make the cupcakes. The day of Peter's little party, Nora and I went to work making chocolate cupcakes. She measured the flour and the baking soda, turned on the mixer, and even cracked an egg with only a slight mishap (at least it all didn't go in the floor).

We both had a fun time. Well, all three of us did that is. Lucy was on hand for any spills that needed to be taken care of (egg, flour, sugar, a drop of milk). At least the floor didn't need too much cleaning up thanks to the four-legged "helper". :)

And of course, the treat of helping is being able to lick off the spatula!

Eve thought that it looked like Nora and I were having too much fun so she asked if she could help make the icing for the chocolate cupcakes. Bananas were cut, butter was whipped, and the assembly line went perfectly. I iced the cupcakes and Eve placed a banana slice on top.

Cupcakes made with two of the sweetest little girls.


Mary F. said...

How precious Kati! You are a wonderful Aunt!! So glad you had a helper or two or even three while you prepared for the special birthday!! Love the post and the pictures!!!!

Katherine said...

Happy birthday and I loved the pictures!

Unknown said...

Aw, cooking with kids is always so much fun!! :-)