Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Not to Die

The goal for the Sisters Book Challenge was to read five books. How Not to Die marked the final required book. 

So as a review, I've read...

Sisters Book Challenge
Book 5
How Not to Die by Dr. Jan Garavaglia


Dr. G is a medical examiner in the state of Florida. Through the years, she has seen many cases come through her morgue that could have been prevented if the individual took care of their health, followed the warning signs, and made sensible choices. After seeing so many premature deaths she decided to write a book teaching people tips on how to make wise choices regarding their health.

This book was very interesting. Dr. G tells her readers information like "never ride with your car windows halfway open", "neat freaks live longer", and "your doctor's tie is a dangerous item." All throughout the book she shares stories of some of her cases and her how she came to the conclusion of the cause of death.

I liked that the book was easy to understand and follow.

* * *

When Kristin and I announced the challenge, I said that I would more than likely read more than five of the books so don't think that this will be the last post for the challenge. :) In fact, I have another book challenge book borrowed from the library right now. 

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