Thursday, July 4, 2013

* My Coffee *

Guess what! I have a Starbucks coffee named after me! Not really, but it is spelled my way. The other day, Barbara, knowing how I spell my name, mentioned that Starbucks had a new coffee blend called Kati Kati. I happened to see that it's pronounced Kah-tee Kah-tee but in our house, we call it Kati Kati. :) 

On the way home from Owen's special outing yesterday, I stopped by Starbucks and got a pound of Kati Kati blend. I wanted to try the blend that is spelled my way. 

It made a good cup of coffee. It's nice to have for a special cup now and then.  Next I'll have to try it iced. 


Barbara F. said...

Glad you got to try it, the packaging is pretty, too. I will always refer to it as "Kay-tee Kay-tee"! Enjoy, and happy 4th. What lovely red~white~blue dessert did you make? ;-) xo

Joanne Mitchell said...

Kay-tee Kay-tee is how I'll be saying it! Have an iced on for me, please.

Kate - Classy Living said...

I got an e-mail about their new blend and thought of you!! I definitely want to try it! :)

Vee said...

Brilliant marketing on their part!