Saturday, March 1, 2014

Photo-a-day Challenge: Outtakes

I've had so much fun with this challenge! In fact, I think I'm going to do another photo-a-day challenge in the summer. This time, I had several ladies join me in the challenge. They are:

Mom (Cheryl) @ Thinking About Home

During the photo-a-day challenge, you've seen the one best photo I've taken of each theme. Below, are some of the fails I've captured this month... 

Pinky looked so sweet until she opened her eye and gave me an evil look.

I achieved my self portrait with the help of a mirror. In this one, the camera 
shifted in my hand before I was able to snap the picture. 

This boy never likes to get his picture taken so if he 
catches me, he always tries to cover his face.

I think I forgot to change my camera setting for this one.

Kind of self explanatory here. Pinky didn't want to keep 
her eyes open when I took her picture.

*** I might be taking a short blogging break. My computer got a virus and until it's fixed I won't have as much access to a computer.  


Joanne Mitchell said...

Love it! Our bloopers teach us a lot (and help us not take ourselves so seriously)

Barbara F. said...

So cute, thanks for sharing the bloopers. Hope your computer gets fixed soon. xo

Cheryl said...

That last one cracks me up! Pinky is a character! ;)

Kylie Deitzel said...

I enjoyed seeing your outtakes! I'm sorry to hear about your computer issues. Hopefully, it will be up and running before too long:)