Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Felt Tic-Tac-Toe

I made this felt tic-tac-toe back in the winter. I had seen this idea on pinterest but I wanted to make mine a bit more deluxe. For the lines and words I back stitched. So that the ugly wrong side wouldn't show, I cut out a second piece of felt the same size as the first one and blanket stitched them together.

For the game pieces I cut out little circles of white felt (instead of buttons since that would be a choking hazard to young children) and tied white and pink embroidery threads onto each piece. I made six of each color.

This project took me just an afternoon.

I put it in my gift bag and I'm just waiting for the right person to give it to.


Joanne Mitchell said...

Love it! This would be a great quiet toy for children in church!

Barbara F. said...

So cute!

Kristin said...


Stephanie said...

What a fun and clever idea, Kati! I need to make something like this to have on hand to play with my son.

Hugs to you!