Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yarn Wreath

Winter is usually the hardest time to decorate for me. After all the Christmas decorations are put away, everything seems blah. I do like to use a lot of candles in my decorating. It helps make my room feel cozy and warm but I need a few other decorative items, too. I use tea cups, books, and a few yarn balls to add to the look.

Last year, I found this idea for a yarn-wrapped wreath on pinterest. I only had a picture to go on but it wasn't that hard to figure out what to do. 

I had a gift card from Hobby Lobby which I used to purchase my supplies: a wreath form, white yarn, a small embroidery hoop. Other items I already had like the yo-yos, buttons, fabric scraps, a bit of aqua yarn, and ribbon. 

It took a little while to wrap the yarn around the wreath since it had to be pretty tight for the form not to show through. After I finished wrapping the white yarn, I wrapped a bit of aqua yarn around for a contrast color. All the yarn ends got a dot of glue to hold them down. Once that part was done, the fun part of embellishing it began. 

I wanted to use several yo-yos in varying sizes definitely. I also liked the idea of the small embroidery hoop with some fabric but all I could find in the right size was plastic so I wrapped some of the left-over white yarn around it and it looked great. I looked through my button jar to find some coordinating buttons and chose a few to add.

I figured out where I wanted everything and I took a picture of it so that when I removed the items to glue them down I didn't forget where everything went. I used tacky glue and it holds all the pieces on quite well.

The last step was a ribbon to tie around the wreath so that it can be hung up. I had a bit of thin lace/ribbon that I used. 

This is a great decor piece for winter!


ellen b said...

That is very cute, Kati. I like the color combinations you chose!
Say hi to your mom for me! :)

Barbara F. said...

Very pretty wreath!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable !!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is cute and I like how fresh it all looks! It's a good in-between wreath, if you know what I mean. After Christmas but before spring!

The colors look great in your room too!


Stephanie said...

Oh, I love yarn wreaths and have made a few years ago. I love how you added the bluish-green yarn on the side with the yo-yo's. Simply lovely! Hugs to you

Christine said...

Hi Kati! Lovely to meet you and find your blog thru Stephanie's kinky party!
I just adore your wreath and how you could decorate it seasonally!
Following along now too so as not to miss anything!

Scrappy quilter said...

That is delightful. What a great way to use yo-yos.

Conniecrafter said...

very cute way to embellish your wreath!