Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pictures of December

My December turned out to be a very busy one! It was full of work, fun activities, and time spent with family and friends. Here are a few glimpses of my December...

I love decorating for Christmas! I went with a vintage theme again. 

I found this "Merry Christmas" chalkboard picture at Marshalls this year.

Can you tell I love A Christmas Carol? ;)

I started out by making a little hat for my new niece who will arrive in January. Then I got on a roll making a hat for a white elephant gift exchange, a hat for a friend, a hat to finish up a skein, and a scarf for another friend. 

my niece's little hat

working on Casey's hat

Celebrating the birthday boy!
My oldest nephew Gavin turned thirteen this month. I took him out for ice cream and enjoyed talking with my nephew who is growing up way too fast for this aunt!

Warm weather! 
I'm a warm weather girl so the warmer weather made me happy!

I loved being able to wear just my uniform shirt with
no jacket to work.

Yup! You read that right! My car thermometer read 76 outside.

I also took advantage of the sunny days we had, and used my new prescription sunglasses I got from

Coffee Outing!
Every year around Christmastime, my mom and sister go to Barnes and Noble for a couple of hours. We sip coffee from the Starbucks cafe they have in the store and look at magazines. 

Chick-fil-A Christmas party!

our wonderful operators

some ugly sweaters :)

And speaking of Chick-fil-A, a few co-workers and I had some fun with Christmas hats after we closed and took some selfies.

Me, Casey, and Carissa put on elf hats and gave John a santa hat to put on.
We captioned the photo "santa and his elves". :)

 Pretty Christmas music!
Oh the joy of having a sister who plays the piano all the time! Bekah played countless Christmas carols and songs throughout the month. 

How was your December?

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Kathy said...

You had a wonderful December! I love how you used pictures to summarize it. Hope 2016 is great for you full of God's blessings.