Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reading Challenge for 2017

I've hit a slump with reading the last couple of years and my list of completed books has diminished by quite a bit. Part of it is just the busy season of life I'm in, but another part is I didn't have the incentive to pick up as many books. 

Last year I found an easy reading challenge with 12 different themes that I enjoyed, so I decided to do one again this year. I took some of the themes from last year and added some different ones for a little variety.


Ginger said...

I like this- I have wanted to do a challenge but also don't want to be dictated as to what to read. But your list is doable.

Ella said...

A very interesting idea ... can I "borrow" this list? Greetings from the Netherlands!

Kati said...

Go for it, Ella! Happy reading!