Saturday, February 16, 2019


I have some exciting news! I am engaged!

Andrew proposed to me on a rainy January day under an umbrella and I said YES!

These past few months have been full of excitement! 

In July, my pastor's wife told my sister (they're good friends) that I should meet her single cousin who was visiting her. Melinda and Kristin set it up so that I could meet Andrew at Bible study. 

I arrived at Bible study and saw Andrew and he didn't say one word to me the entire night. (Later on I learned that Andrew thought I didn't show up until Melinda pointed me out right before I left.) Suffice it to say, I was very disappointed.

Later on that evening, I got a text from Melinda inviting me to dinner the next night to play games and meet her cousin. Of course I accepted! The evening went very well and before I left, Andrew asked me for my number and set up a time to call me the next week. 

The next day Andrew was scheduled to fly back home so I was surprised to get a text from him that his flight was canceled and he couldn't get another one for two days. He asked if he could take me out to dinner. That evening we went to Your Pie, walked through HomeGoods, and talked for hours. The next morning we went kayaking together. (I had just gotten a new kayak the week before. Perfect!)

After he was back home, we started talking and Skyping with one another. Soon he was planning another visit to see me. 

After visiting me in September, Andrew asked my dad for permission to date me. We were both so excited! 

I planned a visit to see him in October. It was nice to see where he lived and worked, visit his church, and meet some of his friends. 

Andrew was away on business for my November 2 birthday, so he made a trip up to visit me a couple weeks later. During that weekend, my family and friends planned a surprise party for me. I was so excited and thankful that Andrew could be there to share that with me. 

Over Christmas, Andrew was able to plan a longer visit and his parents were even able to come up so that I could meet them and they could meet me. I loved his parents right away and they loved me! It was nice to spend time getting to know them and getting to know Andrew better. 

When it was time for Andrew to leave to go back home, tears were shed and "I love you"s were exchanged. 

The times between visits seemed to last much longer now that we were growing closer. 

In January it was my turn to visit Andrew. 

We took a day trip on that rainy Saturday and as we were walking on a beautiful terrace under an umbrella, Andrew asked if I would marry him and I said yes! 

Andrew made this mug for me

He pulled a beautiful wooden ring box (that he made) out of his pocket. Inside was his great-grandmother's engagement ring. If I could pick any ring in the world, I would have chosen one like that one. The amazing thing was Andrew didn't even have to get it fit me perfectly! 

Our parents were THRILLED to get a picture text from us with the good news. 

The rest of the weekend was spent calling our loved ones and closest friends and excitedly planning our wedding!

Andrew carved these hearts years ago to give to his future wife someday. He gave them to me for Valentine's Day.

We've set the date for May 18 and wedding plans are in full swing!

For years, I have wondered if I would ever find the right man but God graciously sent me Andrew and I am so thankful! Not only is he a handsome and kind man, he is a funny, creative, super smart, thoughtful, responsible, Godly man. 

Andrew appreciates my sense of humor and my love of insects and creepy crawlies. We both love photography, reading, nature and we both get a thrill out of unusual things like octopus and tardigrades. We are perfect for one another! 

Andrew, I can't wait until May when we become husband and wife and start our life together. 

I have found the one whom my soul loves. 
~Song of Solomon 3:4~

***Photos by my very talented and dear friends Frances and Gary***