Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Did This Happen?

Today my oldest nephew, Gavin, is turning seven. He is a special boy. I remember the day he was born just like it was yesterday. He is growing up so fast!

Happy Seventh Birthday, Gavin!

Gavin with his new Lego ornament. He LOVES his Legos.

*To see another birthday post about Gavin, visit my sister's blog.


Kristin said...

He does love his Legos! And he loved his new book-- especially the parts about Australia. It does seem only yesterday he had just been born and you all came in to see him all fresh and new and wrinkly! <3

Cheryl said...

Yes, Kati, we are blessed to have this little treasure in our family, aren't we?
And I love the title of this post! :-)