Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Birthday" Kitty

It was one year ago today that our cat, Pinky, came to stay with us. She was a little stray and that evening, Bekah went outside and found her eating the cat food on our porch. She has stayed with us ever since, several months ago moving in the house where she has taken over. ;-)

Bekah has claimed today as Pinky's "birthday" and she has been sung to many times already.

Happy "Birthday," Pinky!


terri lokey said...

i'm sure pinky is ecstatic to live in your home!

Owen said...

What kind of cake is she going to have?

Kristin said...

Pinky has plumped up a bit since that picture was taken. Happy Birthday, Pink!

Kati said...

Miss Terri, Pinky isn't thankful that she is living inside. She is a mean little cat. She sratches us for no reason and has to have things her way. She tries to get away with things like jumping on the table when she knows that she isn't supposed to then she fusses when we make her get down.

Owen, she didn't have cake, she had "beachside crunch" party mix. She loves it and runs to her bowl every time we get it out. (We won't get it out while you are here! :-)

Kristin, she has plumped up a bit since then. That picture was taken last May when she jumped into my lap for the first time. She still looks skinny but not as much as when she first came to us.