Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Birds

The past several days we have had birds in our porch because we have had lots of snow (!) and they have taken shelter on our porch. Because we have an outside cat we have cat food on the porch and the birds are having the Goodlife®. :-)

Male and female Cardinal and a little Junco on a branch.

Chipping Sparrow in the snow on our porch.

Another Chipping Sparrow on the table in our porch.

Common Grackle. (I captured this picture in one of the few seconds he was sitting still.)

White-Throated Sparrow with a piece of cat food in its beak.

There were other species of birds that I didn't catch on camera like the Blue Jay and the Mourning Dove who wouldn't cooperate with me. To photograph birds you have to be a very patient person. I got these pictures after many tries (these birds wouldn't stay still!).

Note: If you are interested in birds think about participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count February 12-15. What you do is count the birds that you see in your yard, park, or pond for at least fifteen minutes. You can do it one day or all four days for as long as you want. Then go to the GBBC website and enter what species you saw and the number of those certain species. This helps ornithologists from Cornell, Audubon, and Bird Studies Canada to see how many birds from each species are in certain areas.


Sarah said...

Neat, Kati! I like the pictures and learning about the bird count program.

Cheryl said...

Nice photography, Kati!
I hope the birds don't take up permanent residence on the porch...but they sure gave Pinky something to do yesterday. ;-)

Frances said...

Kati, I just love your pictures! I've seen all of these same birds in my own yard, in abundance. This morning one of my trees was full of doves. It was so beautiful! I'm so glad you are interested in photography. Can't think of a much better hobby. Thanks for sharing with us.