Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Camera Straps

During the 31 days posts back in October I stumbled across an idea for making a camera strap. The blog post had a couple of links for making different straps for a point and shoot camera strap and a DSLR camera strap cover. They looked pretty easy to do so I printed the instructions for both.

I tried the point and shoot strap first and it came together quickly and easily. I made two. The first one lasted about a week and then the cord fell off. (I didn't use elastic so that might have been part of the problem.) I ended up using some Fray Check and that seemed to do the trick.

The DSLR camera strap cover didn't go quite as smoothly but it wasn't complicated. I just misread the directions and had to take out some stitches. I used some pretty cotton for the side that shows more and some comfortable flanel in a matching color for the side that is resting on your neck.

They make lovely Christmas gifts for those in your family who love to take pictures.

Come back tomorrow and Thursday for more Christmas gift ideas.


Cheryl said...

I love mine! Thank you! ♥

Frances said...

I think you could open your own Etsy shop, Kati. I can see you doing something like that. It would be fun watching your shop blossom and grow!