Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Friday: Harvestman

Kati’s Little Corner of the World

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Frances said...

Kati, you have taught me something. After reading your title, I wondered to myself whether this was your own personal name for these creatures or whether you had discovered the "official" name. So I googled "harvestman" and found that what I have always called "granddaddy longlegs" is officially called harvestmen. I can see that as a trivia question, can't you? We have these all over the place in our yard. I'm not sure why they don't scare me since I am so terrified of spiders, but I'm grateful they don't. We were in the car a week or so ago and I looked over and saw one crawling on Gary's leg. That did startle me. But if it had been a spider, I probably would have screamed loud enough for you to hear me at your house. Not a very pretty picture for a Christian, is it? Anyway, I look forward to Fridays and the continuation of your photo adventures. Have a sweet weekend. See you tomorrow.