Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hearts Around Us

© My heart is like a singing bird. ©
Christina Rossetti

Four of my readers linked their pictures to my photo challenge last Friday. It is funny to see how everyone has their own style of hearts. You can see each person's personality coming out in their pictures. You think of hearts as being hearts. How can they look like a certain style. But by adding a doily to the picture or using fabric that is "you" in homemade hearts or the outdoors-y person finding a heart in a cloud, the hearts take on the photographer's personality.

My sister Kristin from Bits and Pieces From My Life, had her little sweethearts form a big heart.

Even Alaine got in on the heart making fun.

Love was found in the grocery store by Miss Frances who writes at The Little Birds Are Urging Me where she displays her photography and Gentle Touches where she shares quotes and thoughts.

Then she showed us a rusty heart that was found in an old pillar on one of her many photography trips.

Cheryl/Mom showed us that home is where the hearts are on her blog Thinking About Home.

And now we come to my brother Ryan who doesn't have a blog but does have a brain that thinks of things that we never thought of. We are always surprised at what he comes up with. Who would have ever thought of sending me a picture of an actual heart?! That's my brother for you. Since it was a joke, I will not be sharing his picture with you. :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and showed us their findings!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Frances said...

Yes, Kati. It's such fun and so very interesting to see each person's individual style come forth in any endeavor. Reminds me of the saying: "That's why Bresslers has 33 flavors!" I had to laugh at Ryan's submission. It would never have crossed my mind to enter a picture of an actual physical heart! It just isn't "cute" enough!

Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day!