Monday, July 16, 2012

A Friendly {?} Visitor

As Mom was watering the flowers the other day, she happened to see something in the four o'clocks. 

Want to know what it was?

After we had a look through the field guide, we identified this fellow as a common garter snake. He was pretty small (maybe about a foot and a half) and he was sitting still. I started by taking his picture from the deck but then I was brave enough to walk around into the yard and take his picture from the other angle while Bekah stayed on the deck to make sure he didn't move one fraction. I don't like fractions, never did! :)

The reason I was even brave enough to step out into the yard was because Mr. Snake had just had himself a nice big lunch of something and the bulge in his middle was making him a mite slow.

When we went out the next day, he was gone. Wonder where he is now?


Kristin said...

The "where is he now?" part would bother me. I'm bothered by the fact that everyone but me has seen a skink on our back deck. So where is he when I'm outside?

Angela said...

I will take a garter snake any day over the copperheads that I"ve seen this year -- as long as he is outside and not on my counter;)