Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our {Unusual} Fourth of July Festivities

Because of the stinking 97 degree heat yesterday, my family's usual fourth plans of going to the big family reunion was nixed by us girls. Dad decided to still go but Mom, Bekah, and I decided to come up with a different plan. After thinking about several different possibilities, we decided to head over to (the air conditioned) Barnes and Noble. We browsed, Bekah shopped with a birthday gift card, and we sipped coconut mocha and chocolate chip frappuccinos while looking at magazines. I grabbed several craft magazines, Mom found some house magazines to peruse, and Bekah oohed and ahhed over wedding magazines.

After our afternoon of festivities, we all got back home for a yummy  red, white, and blue chicken salad dinner...with red, white and blue plates and serving dishes of course!

We haven't been to a fireworks display in years. Bekah can't even remember going to see the fireworks. This year, we decided to go. We found a nice grassy place to park our chairs and wait for the display to start. After a day in the upper 90s, it was not too bad, surprisingly. A slight breeze was even blowing. Bekah and I both had a camera. As the first bang sounded and the sky was bright with fireworks we started clicking away. Between the two of us we took over two hundred pictures!

And that's how we celebrated Independence Day this year. 

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