Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Decor Reveal and Winter Decorations

Remember when I repainted my desk? Perhaps not since I did it a year and a half ago.Well, anyway, since that time, I've slowly been tweaking the colors in my room.  

I still loved my wall color but I wanted to add some red touches to my room and take out some of the light pink. It was easy to slowly change the pillows and throws to bring in the red color. If I saw some fabric in the right color I might get a little bit and cover a pillow. This Thanksgiving the last of the pillows were redone and I am so happy with the way it turned out. 

The Bed:

Before: Pink and yellow floral quilt, old striped sheets (I've had them since I got the bed. They would have been fine in the "new" room but they were getting worn.), shabby chic pillow, light pink bolster. 

After: Blue and white striped L.L. Bean quilt, white lace shabby chic sheets with blue polka dot shams, yo-yo pillow with fabric samples from the other pillow in my room, striped bolster (made from a kitchen towel I found on sale). 

The Chair:

Before: Pillow sham that went with the old quilt, light pink chenille throw. 

After: Red polka dot pillow, handmade lap duvet (made from this pattern). 

The Window Seat:

Before: Shabby chic (?) pillow.

After: Handmade pillow, red Ikea throw.

Other touches:

I hot glued some yo-yos onto the light pink shade to add some color. 

For my winter decor I put some yarn balls in my aqua bowl and I put out my snowflake birdhouse. 

I don't think I have a before shot of the shadow box but it did have paper butterflies, dried flowers, and postage stamps in pastel colors. The "new" box I covered with scrapbook paper squares and pinned old keys into each square. 

This yo-yo garland doubles up as my Christmas tree decorations. I couldn't stand to put it away when Christmas was over so I tacked it up over my closet door. 

When I first heard of putting plates on the wall, I didn't like it but after seeing different arrangements on blogs, I've come to like it. The little nest plate was given to me by Bekah, the middle plate is a borrow, and the big bird plate was given to me by my grandmother.

Valentine-y touches are on my desk, pink candle, tea/rose petals print, and the Tasha Tudor book All For Love.  

I made this candle embellishment with some buttons I had and jewelry wire. 

Another Valentine touch given to me by Miss Frances last year. I love it! 

For my "photo" tray I decided to put down scrapbook paper for the time being. It has my blue tea set, an antique doily and a candle for warmth. 

I got this hedgehog toy around Christmas. I love hedgehogs and I couldn't resist getting one of these darlings. I made some flocked woodland animals to go in my flower picture frame. 

I showed this to you last week, but I love it so much I thought I would show it to you again.


Lilac Bud Gal said...

That is just lovely, Kati!! I love what you did in your room. The window seat is SO nice! I've always loved window seats.. :) Nice job on your room. It was so fun to see all the personal touches. :)

Barbara F. said...

I just love your room, Kati. Lucky girl to have her very own window seat! I have wanted one my whole life. I like the pop of red, everything looks fresh and new and your photos are great. xo

Jodi-Marie said...

Kati- You have done a beautiful Job. So inspiring. I really need to rethink my room decor. I sort of stopped half way through decorating it. Maybe I'll finish it now..hmm

Angela said...

Your room is so cozy! I love your updates in red:)

Flo said...

Beautiful! Love the red accents.

Kristin said...

Now I just need to see it in person!

Cheryl said...

I love the red touches in your room...and to think that it all started with a $2.99 pitcher!