Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Are You Reading? eBook Sources Edition and Product Review

Guess what? I got a Kindle for Christmas! It was a total surprise. I have never really longed for a Kindle. I am old-fashioned girl when it comes to books. I like that with a "real" book you can flip back if you want to check on a detail a few chapters back, you have that book smell and the feel of turning the page, and I loved that you could let a friend or sister borrow a book anytime they asked. 

But after just a few days with my Kindle, I love it! It still doesn't replace a hard copy of a book but it's also great! I love that you can take several books places without the bulk. I like that it fits in your purse and that it's so light. And, my sister Kristin (who also has a Kindle) and I figured out that we can loan each other books through our Kindles!

It feels like I'm starting with nothing in regards to my book collection. Even though I have my vast collection on my built-in bookshelves, the bookshelf in my in Kindle library was empty save for two dictionaries and a user guide. 

Because I'm frugal, I find it hard to spend money on e-books. But with the help of a few sites, I've been able to build my collection up a bit without spending a dime. 

They have a Facebook page were they alert fans to free and highly reduced books.

This a website (as well as a Facebook page) where they post about freebies. 

They also have a Facebook page in addition to their website. 

Do a search for an elibrary in your area. My local library is hooked up to a state-wide elibrary. I just use my library card number to check out books. When my check-out has expired it will automatically take the book off my Kindle.

If you have a Kindle, do you have any sites you follow to find deals? 
I'd love to hear of more!


Because I want my Kindle to be protected while not in use, I started looking for a Kindle case. It was hard to find what I was looking for. I thought about making my own, and I thought about buying one. When looking for a case, I wanted one that was slipped into the case, not one that has elastic on the four corners to hold the Kindle in the case. I wanted one with a velcro closure or elastic/button closure. I wanted it to have plenty of padding to keep it safe inside. The fabric had to be something I liked a lot. And all that for the right price. 

I started looking on Etsy. I asked Kristin where she got hers, I did countless searches using different keywords. I found many that were pretty but they didn't have all the right elements. Finally I found four that had everything I was looking for. To narrow it down, I tightened the qualifications a little bit and selected one. The one I decided upon came from a shop called BluebirdMountain. While doing searches, whenever I came across an item from her shop, I was drawn to it. The fabrics, the photography of the items, the style... I know I picked the right one. 

I just love the kindle case I found! It has just enough padding to keep my kindle save without being too bulky. The fabric is beautiful and I love that the pretty liner fabric is different from the outside of the case. The button and the elastic are sewn on so well that it would take quite a lot for them to come off. The quality is excellent! The case was shipped out quickly and I received it very soon after. 

If you are in the market for a Kindle case, I would highly recommend BluebirdMountain.


Jodi-Marie said...

you probably already have gone to the amazon kindle site- I've searched free Christian books and found many. Also- CBD has a free app and many free Christian books too. I don't know if you can download the app to the Kindle or not. I have a tablet so I actually have the apps for several e-book companies. Love your Kindle case! Happy reading.

flo said...

Try as well. They have a facebook page too. I have gotten several books for my kindle from them.
I have kindle case envy! It's beautiful. :)

flo said...

Also, use your keyboard/search & type in "free kindle books" on the amazon page. They have thousands for free. You will also want to add whatever genre you are looking for in your search. Otherwise you get some things that are extremely vulgar mixed in.

Book Dragon said...

Pixel of Ink is a good jumping off place.

I also go through amazon's Top !00 Free books once in a while. Some are great, some are worth the money you paid.

All four books I've read so far this year have been ebooks