Monday, June 3, 2013

Aren't Baby Showers So Much Fun?!

My dear friend Britni is expecting her second baby (and first girl) at the end of July so I thought it would be fun to host a small shower for her.

Britni with her first child, Alex

saying hi to Kate

I wanted to keep it small so I only invited a handful of guests: Britni's mother, grandmother, and sister, our good friend Kate and her mother, and the three of us girls. On Saturday morning all nine of us gathered around the dining room table enjoying a wonderful brunch, plenty of chatter, and good company.

Group shots:

family shot - Jodi (Britni's mom), Abi (Britni's sister), Britni, Alex, Nancy (Britni's grandmother)

three friends

can't wait for baby

It was a very laid back affair. No games, no activities planned. Just eating, socializing, gift opening, and celebrating the coming arrival of Belle.

Alex playing peek-a-boo with his nona

beautiful present made by Britni's mother

card made by Bekah

Come back tomorrow for all the food and decor details of the shower.


Barbara F. said...

You are such a sweet friend. Her little boy is adorable! Looking forward to the next post. xo

Cheryl said...

Indeed they much fun!