Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Pails

Its always fun to take little gifts when we visit our faraway family. This time, Bekah and I decided to fill small pails found in the Target dollar section with goodies to take to Eve, Nora, and Peter. We spent weeks filling these dear little things with trinkets. 

Each pail had a tiny stuffed bear, a notepad, a mini notebook, a pencil, a crazy straw, a piece of chalk, and a bag of candy. The two girls also got a yo-yo hair tie.

It was so much fun watching them discover what was in their pails. 

All three children slept with their bears every night we were there. It was a common sight to see someone walking around with their pails during their play. The chalkboard was gotten out and the brick sidewalk was very colorful with pictures. And one morning, we discovered a whole pile of Reese's cup wrappers on the floor where a certain boy decided he needed a before-breakfast snack. :)

These gifts were inexpensive and so much fun!


SarahGeorge said...

Such a beautiful idea Kati! Look at the happy faces! So sweet of you both aunts:-)

Sue said...

The photos says it all, Katie, how very thoughtful of you and Bekah.

Vee said...

Oh I wondered what you decided on. Very cute idea and most of all the little bear is simply adorable...cute pattern or did you create your own pattern?