Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Photo-a-day Challenge: Days 16-22

Week three of the photo-a-day challenge...

Day 16: red
Dad (who doesn't like spicy food) was away so we three girls decided to try Chili's. It was very yummy!

Day 17: hot drink
A cup of English Breakfast tea.

Day 18: hands/feet
Bekah working on making cards.

Day 19: family
I was looking through some old pictures. I discovered these family shots taken in 2006.

Day 20: wood
My new cutting board Dad made me for my birthday.

Day 21: candlelight
Oops... forgot again. We had a very busy day on Friday so I took a candlelight picture today instead.

Day 22: orange
I didn't know I had so many orange buttons in my button jar. Orange isn't a color I use that much.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy English Breakfast tea and spicy food. Fun shots for your challenge. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Kylie Deitzel said...

I love the "red" photo! Your hot tea also looks so cozy and the orange buttons are really bright and cheerful.