Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Conversion

Confession: I finished reading this book in September but never got around to blogging about it. Oops...

Even though I met the challenge of reading five of the books, it looks like I won't be meeting my personal goal of reading all the book on the list this year. But I will be adding the books I didn't read to next year's reading list. 


Sisters Book Challenge
Book 6
My Conversion by Charles Spurgeon

"I can testify that the joy of that day was utterly indescribably. 
I could have leaped; I could have danced. There was no expression, 
however fanatical, that would have been out of keeping with the 
joy of my spirit at that hour."

This book is Charles Spurgeon's own story of how the Lord came into his heart. It's very thought-provoking and definitely worth reading and pondering. It's a short book which could easily be read in a day but I found it best to read short passages at a time so as to have time to absorb all I read. It was hard to put it down, though. I would definitely recommend reading My Conversion.

"He never breathed out anything but love. As I looked into the poor, sorrowful face, so full of agony and yet so full of love, I wondered who could have been a wretch so vile as to pierce hands like His. I said to myself, 'where can these traitors live? Who could have killed such a One as this?'... I listened, and I clearly perceived that the murderer was close at hand. It was dark, and I groped about to find him. I found that, somehow or other, wherever I put out my hand, I could not grab him, for he was nearer to me than my hand would go. At last, I put my hand on my own breast. 'I have you now,' said I. Yes, he was in my own heart. The murderer was hiding within my own bosom, dwelling in the recesses of my inmost soul. Ah, then I wept indeed that I, in the very presence of my murdered Master, would be harboring the murderer."

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Jenny the Pirate said...

This is wonderful. I will be looking for a copy of this book. I love to read Spurgeon!