Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Love Letters {Book Review}

Life has been really busy lately and I haven't read that many books this year. So I could review Beverly Lewis's new book for my blog, I made sure I took the time to read it.
** I was given a copy of The Love Letters by Bethany House in exchange for my honest review of the book. 

The Love Letters is a story was about Marlena, a young Amish woman who goes to live with her grandmother for the summer. Soon after she arrives, she gets the news that she must care for her wayward sister's baby after a serious car accident. On the adjacent farm lives Small Jay, a young handicapped boy, who finds a confused stranger out on the road. He befriends the Englisher to the chagrin of his Old Order Amish father. 

I love how Beverly Lewis intertwines more than one story in each book. She expertly connects the storylines to create a lovely story that engages the reader. It was an easy book to read. Sometimes the story seemed to be predictable but at other times, there were twists that kept things interesting. While this book wasn't my favorite of hers, it was well worth taking the time to read. 

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