Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is Where I Have Been Spending My Summer...

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!

I have been meaning to show everyone a picture of where I have been staying this summer but I never got around to it until now. I have been having fun visiting with my dear brother, sister-in-law, and nieces, meeting new friends, having tea parties, working at a bookstore, going camping for the first time, seeing all the spectacular sights, etc.

I will be back to the blogging world soon since the summer is quickly disappearing. (Where did this summer go?!)


Frances said...

Yes, Kati. The view is gorgeous. I can't imagine seeing this kind of scenery every day. Spending time at such a different place must make the world seem so much larger to you. I'm so glad you have had this opportunity to spend quality time with far-away family; to establish even closer bonds and to create memories that will never be forgotten. It will be wonderful having you back home in Maryland. But I know a part of your heart will be left there at this beautiful spot. Hugs ....

Gloria said...

Hi Kati,
Visiting your blog from Frances' blog. Welcome back home!
What a sweet blog you have made here. That photo is very beautiful!
How wonderful you were able to visit family out here (where I live) in California!!
God bless you,