Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful Girls, a Handsome Boy, and Some Adorable Pictures

Photo Shoot!

While Ryan, Sarah, Eve, Nora, and Peter (and Lucy) were here, the time flew by so, so fast! We were  so busy visiting, playing wii with the kids, baking, and catching up, that it was Monday morning (the day they left) before I got a chance to take the three little kids outside for a photo shoot. It was a lovely sunny day and the kids didn't mind one bit being outside and posing while I took some pictures.

Even Lucy got in on the action for a few pictures. 

Aren't they adorable?!

Eve (5)
Eve is the talker of the family. Her parents say that they often can't get a word in because this little one is talking. :) Eve started homeschool this year and already she has started to read a little and has memorized many Bible verses and several hymns. She is a good big sister and helps take care of her little siblings.

Nora (3)
Nora is a beautiful little girl. She is quieter than Eve but just as smart. Nora has an excellent memory and has memorized just as many Bible verses and hymns as Eve has. She has a beautiful voice and it was such a joy to hear that sweet girl sing along with us in church when one of the songs she knows was requested. 

Peter (2)
You can watch Peter all day long and never get board. This boy makes so many faces and has so many expressions. He can go from having a scowl on his face to a smile in a matter of seconds. Peter just celebrated in second birthday on Sunday and we were so glad that we got to celebrate with him. He is so boy and I think that there will be many stories to share in the future of the scrapes he's gotten into. :)

All so different. All so special. All so loved. 


Lilac Bud Gal said...

They are all so adorable!!! Peter looks very mischievous, but cute. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great photos!

They are so precious!


Mary F. said...

Kati such a precious and loving post! The picture are beautiful! Eve,Nora and Peter are so adorable! So glad you guys could all spent precious time together!!

Katherine said...

They are so cute! Great pictures Kati!! =)

I'm having a Thanksgiving photo challenge if you are interested-

Barbara F. said...

Such beautiful children. Very, very blessed, and they are so lucky to have you as their auntie. xo

Kristin said...

They are such sweet photos of even sweeter kids!

Frances said...

Kati, I love seeing your photos and I love that you told us a bit about each individual child. Pictures of children are so sweet. But when you KNOW and love the child in the picture, isn't it amazing how much more beautiful and special that makes the photo? Sometimes you feel as if your heart can't bear so much affection. I love the line with which you ended this posting. "All so differnt. All so special. All so loved."

Sarah said...

Such a sweet post, Kati. Both pictures and your thoughtful words. Thanks so much!

Angela said...

You did a beautiful job on these photos! It is so great to have such a wonderful aunt:)

Unknown said...

Cute pictures Kati! :-) They look like fun kids. I love the name Nora btw.. so beautiful!