Thursday, October 10, 2013

{31 Days of Pinterest Completed} DIY Sharpie Mugs



I loved this idea when I saw it! How neat to be able to create your own mug design using sharpie markers. I decided to make one for my nephew Gavin's birthday and a pair for my friend Britni and her husband Zack for Christmas. 

It was so much fun designing these personalized mugs! For Gavin I chose to  write his name on one side and draw a mustache on the other. For Britni and Zack I made Mr. and Mrs. mugs. I baked them like the directions said and all looked good. 

The gifts were a hit!

But then, Gavin's started chipping and before he knew it, the whole design was gone. In doing some research, I found that sharpie markers don't stick to mugs even after baking. I also saw that to make this project work, you need to use ceramic markers

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I'm also linking up to Schneider Peeps' Handmade Christmas.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Oh that's too bad! I love his with the mustache! So cute!


Unknown said...

Love the mustache! I have yet to find locally the specific kind of Sharpie needed for this project. I wonder if there is another brand that would work as well?

Stephanie said...

What a fun idea :) And I just love the mustache - too cute!

Sue said...

What a great idea, the mustache idea is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

They're so cute, I love the mustache. What a bummer that the sharpie didn't work. I have read that if you bake at 450 instead of 350 they are handwashing safe. In the past we've usee Porcelaine 150 pens that we ordered from Blink Art and they worked great. Thanks for sharing at Handmade Christmas 2013.