Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Since I was little, poetry has been a big thing in our house. We read it, we memorize it, we recite it, we listen to it. We like a wide variety of poems: serious poems, historical poems, children's poems, funny poems. 

This poem I've heard ever since I can remember. Any slight reminder of the poem, and Mom would start reciting it. I've heard it so many times while growing up, that now I've memorized it as well. 

Mary had a little lamb,
A little pork, a little jam,
A little egg, a little toast,
A pickle and a great big roast,
An ice cream soda topped with fizz,
And boy! How sick our Mary is!

It isn't a meaty poem or one you memorize for the words but it's part of my childhood along with all the other poems I was exposed to. And I'll never forget it. 


Cheryl said...

Never let it be said that we are not well rounded! :-D

Anonymous said...

That one was from my childhood,too, and I must have memorized it well, because I've never forgotten it. Thanks for posting such an old memory!

Joann said...

Hahaha, I loved this poem as a child and yes, I memorized it, too. It seems you never forget those early memories. Thanks for posting.