Saturday, December 1, 2012

That Boy Is Just Too Funny!

Thanksgiving day afternoon, I walk into the living room and I see Gavin and Owen sitting on the couch. Eve is sitting a a chair playing with another toy.

Me: Hey! What are you two cute boys doing?

Gavin: We are NOT cute!

Me: Okay, what are you two handsome boys doing?

Gavin: We are NOT handsome either!

Me: You are handsome! Eve, do you think these two are handsome?

Eve (giggling): Yes!

Me: See?

Gavin: We are not handsome.

Me: Alright, well what are you?

Gavin: We're cool!

Me: So, what are you two cool boys doing?

Gavin: Oh! We're playing angry birds with the magna doodle.

Owen: Yeah!

Gotta love these boys!

the cool boys


Frances said...

Now, Kati .... THAT was a cute ... no, wait! .... that was a "cool" story!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Way too cute!!!

Kristin said...

The cool boys who now say they are just plain boys.

Cheryl said...

Whatever they are, they are not "just plain boys"! Handsome, cute, delightful, charming, brilliant, funny...a few words that come to mind. =D