Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Wrapping Is As Fun As Giving

Have I ever said how much I love to wrap gifts? There is such a thrill in wrapping when the ends turn out just right and the ribbon makes that noise when you curl it. While wrapping I try to think about the person I'm giving that certain gift to.

Before wrapping gifts I try to think about what paper I want to use (it has to match the room decor of course!), what color ribbon, and the tags to finish the gift off.

The Target dollar section has some great paper selection. I've gotten many rolls of paper over the years from there. Last year when Target was having their after Christmas sale I picked up two shiny rolls half off. It's has just the right colors: red, aqua, white, green. I chose to use the snowflake pattern to wrap all the kids gifts in and the polka dot for the adults. 

Several years ago (four, five?) I bought a tag making kit at Tuesday Morning. It had fifty tags in four colors of different shapes, ten rubber stamps, a mini ink pad, and some ribbon to tie the tags on with. I have been using it every year and this year when I got it out I was reminded of what a steal it was. $1.95! I didn't have quite enough to tag everyone's gifts so I used one of the existing tags as a pattern and used my own paper. Bekah had given me some new stamps for my birthday to I put those to good use too.

The children's have "Joy!" stamped on them,

and the adults have "Noel."

It's a great inexpensive way to create beautiful tags.

Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? 


Cheryl said...

Do I enjoy wrapping gifts? I do!! =D

Barbara F. said...

Kati, you would have a nice little part-time job if I lived closer.;-) Love the wrapping paper from Target. xo

Kristin said...

I DO love to wrap gifts. It's not a chore at all. I think it is pretty relaxing actually. :-) Problem is, I like it so much that I'm almost done wrapping and I won't be able to do much more before Christmas.

Kimberly Taylor said...

Yes I enjoy wrapping gifts. When I'm doing that I am excited and I feel relax too. Since it's an act with personal touch, it make me happy.