Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Friday: Eight + Link-up

The week of Thanksgiving, all eight of my nieces and nephews were in one place. That doesn't happen too often since my brother and family don't live close. I took the opportunity to take pictures (some candid, some not so much) of all of them. 

top left to right: Gavin (10), Maddie (9), Owen (7), Eve (6)
bottom left to right: Ben (5), Nora (4), Alaine (3), Peter (3)

Kati’s Little Corner of the World


Kristin said...

I love this collage! (And the photo of Maddie is priceless. :-) )

Cheryl said...

Need I say that I adore this collage? I do!

Vee said...

What a beautiful bouquet of nieces and nephews! Your mother must be wearing a big grin today! Is it possible to print up that sweet collage?

(Kati~I forgot that today was Photo Friday...slinking off. I have way too many photos to link up. )

Barbara F. said...

Beautiful photos of those beautiful children. xo