Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sisters Book Challenge
Book 1
Holes by Louis Sachar

I chose to read Holes first because it was one of the only ones available in the e-library at the time, and because I have heard so much about it recently.

I started this book one afternoon and by bedtime, I was finishing the last chapter. It was an easy-to-read sort of book, but it also had a story where you wanted to find the answers to all your questions. Why are all those kids there? Why do they have to dig holes all day? Who is the warden? 

The story is about Stanley Yelnats, a boy who is wrongfully accused of stealing and sent to a detention center called Camp Green Lake. The hot, dry, brown camp is run by a mysterious warden who makes the boys dig a hole five feet wide and five feet deep every day. If they find anything of interest in their holes, they are to report it to the warden or the "counselors". What are they looking for? Will the madness never end for these boys? 

If you want a light read, you should pick up this book and give it a try. 

I've seen that there is a sequel to Holes called Small Steps. Has anyone read that one? I'm wondering if it's just as good as Holes was.

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