Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wonderland Creek

Sisters Book Challenge
Book 2
Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

Wonderland Creek was on my list of books for the Sisters Book Challenge, but it was also on my list of books to read for 2013.

I love Lynn Austin's books. I have read many of her books and I've liked them all. You feel like you are caught up in her stories and don't want to put the book down until you are finished. It's very easy to feel like you're right there with her characters and Wonderland Creek was no exception. 

This book takes place during the Great Depression. Alice, who lives in Illinois, is a lover of books. She dreams of a happily-ever-after like in the stories. But when her boyfriend breaks up with her and she loses her job at the library in just a few days of each other, her happily-ever-after looks bleak. Before all this happened, Alice had started a book drive for a rural Kentucky town called Acorn and when she has a opportunity, she makes the journey down to help the librarian, Leslie McDougal, for a couple of weeks. The city girl has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she is dropped off on the library steps and left alone in the strange, new town with no indoor plumbing and electricity. 

I don't want to tell you too much more and spoil the book for you. This is definitely a book to put on your reading list. 

Have you read any Lynn Austin books? 
What are your favorites?


Kristin said...

I love (almost) all of Lynn Austin's books. There were a couple that I was disappointed it, but the rest are fantastic! My favorites are Eve's Daughters and While We're Far Apart.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have not read any of her books but they look like books I would enjoy! Thanks!