Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Barn Sale Treasures

Yesterday we went to a spring barn sale (the same sale we went to in the fall when I got my typewriter and vintage suitcase). I came home with a few treasures that I'm very happy with.

I found a set of ten pretty blue floral dishes. When I got them home, I looked on the bottom for the maker and discovered they were Haviland china! They were a steal, too. I bought the set for the six luncheon size plates, but I've found uses for the other pieces, too.

The one dinner plate I put on my wall in place of a tray. The color is perfect and I am absolutely loving it. The teapot was missing the lid so I'm using it right now as a pencil holder. I also thought I could use it as a vase in the future. The saucers will be great to put a candle on, or jewelry, etc. 

I found this chenille bedspread in a pile of other bed linens. I wasn't sure if the size was right for my bed but when I saw the price I decided to take a chance on it.

It does fit my bed but it has a bit of a stain in the middle. I could try washing it, but for now I have it folded at the end of my bed. 

The last thing I found was this small vintage bowl. It's in really good shape.

I thought about saving it in my hope chest but then I decided to go ahead and get some use out of it. I'm planning to put some shells in it this summer.

Do you have barn sales where you live? 


Mrs.Rabe said...

I guess we must have barn sales but I've never been to one. I would love to go to one. You found great items! So pretty.


Barbara F. said...

Oh I wish there was a barn sale near me, no barns to speak of, maybe just one, but it is an historical site and they do not allow sales. You found some very nice things, Kati. nThose dishes are so pretty and Haviland! Score! What fun you will have if you go to other sales in the future and find more pieces! xo

Kylie Deitzel said...

I love your finds, Kati! Where is this barn sale...sounds like somewhere we'd love to go!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I had a white chenille bedspread with a stain as well. A gentle wash and a long day hanging in the sun bleached it out perfectly.