Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gifts for Children

I find that children are easy to find gifts for. But it can be hard to find something that doesn't take up a lot of room if there is more than one child in the house. Clothing and small toys are fun for the kids and the parents are glad that they don't have to find room for tons of big toys.

Embroidered clothing
What a better way to spice up a shirt, skirt, mittens, scarves, or socks than a pretty embroidered flower or a tiny dog, or a racecar. Several years ago we stumbled upon a book called Sublime Stitching. The book contains a large variety of iron-on embroidery patterns to put on clothes. All you have to do is iron the design you want onto your article of clothing and sew over the design with embroidery floss. Each design comes in three sizes.

Last Christmas I made shirts with little dogs that look like their own dog, Lucy, for my nieces and nephews who live across the country. To the little girls' shirts I added a bow to the collar.

Stuffed animals
Small stuffed animals don't take up a lot of room and are quite adorable. I found out about Simple Gifts to Stitch on Anna's blog.  There are many different ideas in the book and one of those ideas was for tiny stuffed bunnies. I made a trio of pink gingham bunnies for a baby shower and from there I enlarged the pattern to make the finished product a bit bigger and I adapted them so that there is a whole menagerie including cats, dogs, bears, etc.

Last Christmas, I gave my nieces and nephews who live much closer, gingham dogs and calico cats and a copy of the poem about them by Eugene Field.

Check back Saturday for one more post of Christmas gift ideas.

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Kristin said...

I have a Tri-Moms post due on Tuesday that is about frugal Christmas gifts. I am going to be including a link to this series. :-)

Frances said...

Kati, you are so creative. When the time is right, you are going to be such a wonderful homemaker, with so many skills. Those embroidered shirts are so precious. I used to embroider all the time when I was growing up. I'm still very drawn to things that are embroidered, like vintage pillow cases in antique stores. Such an old-fashioned and wonderful feel. I know that the people who receive your homemade gifts count them as true treasures.

Unknown said...

I love the stuffed animals. My granny used to make us stuffed animal every year for Christmas. When we became parents she began making the animals for our children. My children still have all the stuffed animals she made for them - even my teenage boys have no desire to get rid of them (they just don't want them right now). Such a wonderful legacy.

Thanks for linking up to Handmade Christmas 2012.