Monday, December 12, 2011

YULEtide Decorations

Y - Yo-yo tree

Blogged about it here

U- Under the tree

My Christmas tree has a new look this year with yo-yo garland and a flower pot that my friend Kate gave to me. This year I used red ribbon with my aqua snowflake paper.

L - Light

I got these candles from my friend Britni last year for Christmas.

A spruce candle on top of my copies of A Christmas Carol. The cardinal adds a pop of color to the top of my dresser.

Candle holder from Gam. This is actually Mom's but she let me borrow it for this year.

E - Enchanting

Village scene

Candy canes in my pencil holder.

~ ~ ~

I'm linking up with these Christmas house tours...


Kristin said...

I still love the tin trees on your desk! If you ever decide to get rid of them, I'll take them!!

Kim at Thistle Dew said...

Kati, I love the red and aqua combination! Hoping to pull some red in our bedroom-to-be also!

Merry Christmas!

Frances said...

Kati, I love seeing all the ways you have decorated your room. I, too, love the aqua and red color combinations. The trees, the candles, the gifts ... everything is placed in its own spot with such thought and love. It's such fun to decorate and be festive, isn't it? Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your own little Christmas corner.

(I'm sorry I've missed your blog entries this week. My sister has been visiting and I've tried to make myself stay off the computer. I took her home yesterday.)

Anonymous said...

Cute decorations, love the way you've wrapped the gifts under the tree!

Amber said...

The village scene put a smile on my face. :) Very enchanting indeed!