Thursday, April 11, 2013

Collections: Hope Chest - The History of My Hope Chest

Ever since I can remember, I have been collecting items for my future home. It started out in a plastic shoe box under my bed but it soon overflowed its box. Then, I got a bigger storage container that went in the attic with my things in it. What I really wanted was a hope chest like Kristin had when she was still living at home. So for Christmas 2009, my dad made me my own hope chest. I knew about it ahead of time so I was able to pick out the type of wood I wanted. When it finally made it up to my room after Christmas, I put in the items that I had in various places and I think half the space was used right away.

Enter the hope chest item giveaway ~here~ if you haven't already.


PrincessR said...

How neat! It is fun to see how everyone got theirs in a different way. :) I recieved mine on my graduation from my parents. It isn't new, in fact it is very old. It is my great-great-aunts hopechest! Her name was Aunt Ollie, and she and my great-grandmother were twins. They were both born on Dec 17, and then I was born (80 years later!) on Dec 17. So they were both very special to me. :) It isn't a "pretty" hopechest, but it holds lots of memories. :D

Vee said...

I am old so forgive me if I have already told you my hope chest story or lack of one as it turns out. My mother had a Lane hope chest the size of a jewelry box. I loved it a lot. She would always tell me that when I graduated from high school, I would get one because that is how she got hers. Apparently, the company actually gave many away to promote sales. Well, that didn't happen...a jewelry size hope chest. In fact, my parents were rather hip in their thinking by that time and didn't feel that young women should have hope chests since they should aspire to the corporate world. Sigh. My cousin had the most wonderful hope chest and would share her treasures by lovingly unpacking them just so I could see. I think that was my first real encounter with the green-eyed monster. Ha! Now I have my grandmother's hope chest. A real corker that serves as an end table in my living room. It is not serving so well to store my stuff as it is too busy storing her old letters and newspaper clippings and photos. Oh well. It was not meant to be.

How perfectly delightful that your father created this wonderful hope chest. I know that you appreciate it immensely.

I'm trying to think of what I collect beyond stacks of old letters and cards...birds perhaps? I don't know. If it becomes clear, I'll share. Or perhaps I could just link my creamers...they are a collection for sure.