Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peter Pan

Sisters Book Challenge
Book 4
Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

I didn't know what I was going to think of Peter Pan when I started it. I've seen the  Disney movie but I know that they aren't always close to the book. I started reading and it was a nice book! It was a very easy to read book. It didn't take me very long to read it once I started.

Peter takes Wendy, John, and Michael back to live with him in Neverland. He wants Wendy with be his mother after she so kindly sews his shadow back on. Tinker Bell is quite jealous of Peter's attention toward Wendy and tries to get back at Wendy at every opportunity. When the children get to Neverland, they settle into normal life at once. The Peter, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys who already were on the island eat, play, and nap with Wendy watching over them as a good little mother. But all the while as they contentedly go about their days they have to watch out for the pirates, the Indians, and the wild animals that roam around the island. But Wendy has never forgotten her family back home and she tries her best to make sure that her brothers remember, all to Peter's chagrin.

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Vee said...

You know what, I've never read the book either and sinc my daughter gave me a beautiful hard cover edition several years ago for Christmas, I think I will based of your review. I need something light just now. One thing I didn't know was that Peter thought of Wendy as a mother. I thought that she was his love interest. Ha!