Monday, April 8, 2013

Collections: Hope Chest - Intro

I have been collecting items for my hope chest for years. It went from fitting in a little shoe box, to a wooden handmade hope chest, and now that has overflowed, too. It's fun to plan what colors I want in my future house! I have chosen aqua and red. Aqua mixing bowls, serving bowls and platters, etc. and red pitchers, potholders, and accessory pieces. I've collected measuring cups, recipe cards, spreaders, butter plates, rolling pins, and paring knives all in preparation for when I have my own house. 

Do you have a hope chest? 

* * *

To finish off the collections series, next Monday I'm hosting a linky party for you to share some of the things you collect. Just make a blog post including some of the things you collect and link up. (Feel free to copy the picture below for your post.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a hope chest, it was great having those things when I got married.

~ Sarah : )