Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Friday: Yellow Rumped Warbler

Goodness! It's November now. And not only November but also the first Friday which means time to link up your photos.

This poor girl had an accident with our glass storm door. She recovered, but while she was getting out of her stunned state, I was able to get a few pictures. She is a beautiful little bird. 

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See you in a few days for my 31 days post round-up and a link-up for you completed Pinterest projects. 


Vee said...

Oh that really did "set her back on her heels" as they say. I always hate to see the poor things crash into a window. We have it happen sometimes here, but not as often as my parents did who had a large pane of uninterrupted glass. (Our glass is plenty interrupted.) She is a beauty. I do love a warbler's song, but I don't imagine that she was much in a singing mood.

Kati, thank you for hosting Photo Friday!

Unknown said...

Poor wee birdie! Very pretty picture, though, and so glad she was only stunned.

Stephanie said...

What a sweet bird and she is certainly very beautiful! So glad she is okay. Have a lovely weekend.

podso said...

She is a beautiful bird and you photographed her so beautifully!

Shane Pollard said...

Hello Kati
Such beautiful photos of your little feathered visitor - they are so vulnerable aren't they.
Have a lovely weekend

Shane Pollard said...

Me again!!
I've linked my post to your "Photo Friday"!
I'm following you now too Kati!