Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Friday: Creepy!

While feeding the cats last night, I saw a large insect run from the side of the porch to the middle of the porch and sit there staring at me. I was a little too far away to tell what it was so I got my camera out with the zoom lens on and take a picture. Upon seeing the picture, I discovered it was a large praying mantis. Seeing it run towards me at an alarming speed and intent look has confirmed my dislike for these insects. I feel like it would like to eat me if I was a little smaller or if was a little bigger!

Kati's Little Corner of the World


Cheryl said...

He definitely wants to eat you! He is making eye contact! ~shudder~

Unknown said...

He just wants a little love. Can't you see it in eyes? Oh, that might be hunger.

Empty nester at last said...

Maybe he is "praying" from a morsel of food from you....great pic!