Monday, September 8, 2014

The Last Hoorah of Summer

Yesterday we had the final homemade ice cream party of the season.

These boys were ready and waiting for their cups to be filled.

Everyone was gathered around Dad and Uncle Max as they opened up the freezers. Uncle Max is getting passionate about the fabulous ice cream. :)

We had chocolate and vanilla ice cream to chose from with toppings to put on top. 

Here are my cups of ice cream: one vanilla with caramel sauce, and one chocolate with chocolate coconut sauce. Yum!

While we were out on the patio enjoying our ice cream, Pinky decided to nap in the porch.


Cheryl said...

Great photos, Kati!! I love your perspective. I also love the people in the pics...and the napping kitty too. :)

Veralynne Malone said...

Ohhh, I haven't had REAL homemade ice cream in ever so long....there is NOTHING like it in the stores.....such memories of eating homemade ice cream at my grandparents and my aunts house during the summer growing up....thanks for bringing back the memories!

Ida said...

Yum! That looked like fun and who doesn't love ice cream and sweet sleeping kitties.