Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collections: Buttons - My Button Collection

All my buttons fit in a mason jar. I have the jar sitting in my floor with my tomato pin cushion on top with my craft books beside it.

I think my collection first started when I got a bag of buttons one Christmas. It had some more traditional white, blue, red, green, wooden and black buttons with four holes and two, but it also had some unique buttons like a mitten, a truck, a raccoon, a baseball, etc.

I've gotten packs of buttons at antique stores, too. These come in vintage colors with pretty swirls or designs etched in them. 

If an old sweater or shirt is headed for the trash, I'll usually take the buttons off first to add to my collection. 

I've used buttons in my collection to make button ponytail holders for my nieces and ribbon bookmarks for those I know who love to read.

Still time to enter the button giveaway ~here~.


Frances said...

I love buttons, too, Kati. One time I found a whole big red tin full of them at an antique mall and I believe they were only about $10 for the whole lot. There were lots of unique ones there. I used to do altered art and would use buttons on those pieces. I love the ponytail holder you've shown us here. You are so creative.

Kristin said...

About a year ago, I bought small bobby pins and attached a button to each one to pin back Alaine's bangs. They were so cute...but too easy for her to take out. :-)