Saturday, March 2, 2013

Introducing the Collections Series

Have you noticed the button in the top of my sidebar? -------------------------------------->
It's for my new miniseries, Collections.

Starting on Monday, I'm going to share with you about the collections that I have. 

Hope Chest

One week will be devoted to each of my collections. 

You might see: 
some items in my collections
a few giveaways (SIX!)
and more! 

Do you collect anything?


Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun! :)

Barbara F. said...

I'll be here to see your wonderful collections. I used to collect Lenox pieces, Hummels, Precious Moments, tea cups, cookbooks. Then I moved and downsized and sold everything. :( I did keep some cookbooks :) I do miss some of it, sometimes, but it's all good. ;-) xo

Marie Danielle said...

Mugs? I love mugs! I have a mini collection myself. hehe. I used to collect stamps and postcards as a kid but I haven't officially collected anything since. Can't wait to see your collections!